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I will seek perfection
I will be faithful
I will endeavour
I will respect others
I will refrain from violent behavior
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Karate Kyousei National JUNIOR Black Belt GradingNews Date: 2015-05-22
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5th Annual GABS Open Karate ChampionshipNews Date: 2015-06-20
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Yudansha & Senior GasshukuNews Date: 2015-04-26
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5th Annual GABS Open Karate ChampionshipNews Date: 2015-06-21
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KYOUSEI (kyoh-say)=  SYMBIOSIS  =  共生

Symbiosis=Peaceful co-existence, Cooperation, Interdependence, Relationship, Association, Synergy, Interaction or as we say in SA Ubuntu.

This interdependence is well represented by the Yin Yang Symbol.


  • Yin yang pictures represent the delicate balance of the forces of energy that exist in everything within the universe. Although the forces are opposite of each other, they completely complement each other and are inseparable.
  • This Symbol(Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything", while the dark and light shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called "yin" (dark) and "yang" (light), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely dark or light, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.
  • While "yin" would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, and weak, "yang" would be bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong. The shape of the yin and yang sections of the symbol, actually gives you a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin, causing everything to happen: just as things expand and contract, and temperature changes from hot to cold.
  • The area between the Yin Yang symbol and the outer border of the Karate Kyousei badge represents the environment within which the organization operates and we keep all intact with the positive red yang colour.

Founder Members: 23 January 2011

These are the founder members of Karate Kyousei. This photo was taken on 23 January 2011.


Yudansha: 14 May 2011

More dojo's and black belts have joined KARATE KYOUSEI since 23 January 2011. This photo was taken on 14 May 2011.

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